Valentines from Nature


I was born In February three days after St. Valentine’s Day.  Since childhood when I cut and pasted valentines for my classmates, I have considered the holiday intrinsically linked to my own anniversary and have adopted its mid-winter missive of love and friendship as my own.  The heart shaped image often catches my eye in the natural world.  For this series, each piece started with a photograph which was edited in the computer, printed on photo paper, layered with hand painted fabric and hand made paper, stitched, and mounted on a hand painted backboard.

21 January

Bilateral symmetry that forms a heart,

delicate structures of keratin,

miracle of feathers, human hair and fingernails

... connections

15 January

A winter afternoon wander led to the lake edge

where waves were shattering a film of ice against the rocks.

Among the lace-like shards glinting cold winter light

... a heart stone.

10 February

White tail tracks, valentines in the mud in the evening

are snow-filled by a morning blizzard.

Polar contrast, light and dark,

opposites existing in relation to one another

... love’s dichotomy.

5 March

A heavy casing of ice is glittering in the trees

and pruning the budded twigs of the maples.

Gathered shards fashion a valentine

laid out on the frozen ground

... broken promises.

22 October

Sycamore leaves spin down and pile up in corners.

Buttonwood balls release their radial seeds.

Wood-hard cores are carved and painted,

seeds arranged in the shape of a heart

... Indian summer valentine.

7 September

Sunflowers bloom in a tangle of yellow ribbon

along roadways and around pastures and ponds.

Giant species provide the opportunity to walk

into their midst and greet them face to face

... heart to heart.

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2016 © Chris Wolf Edmonds . All rights reserved

Rock and Ice   10.5 x 12

Feathers   10.5 x 12

Deer tracks   10.5 x 12

Maple buds   10.5 x 12

O   Sunflower   10.5 x 12

Buttonwood   10.5 x 12

Bilateral Milkweed   42 x 32

O  Bilateral Milkweed 2   16 x 16

8 September

The art of nature is transitory,

often evanescent.

It was a blustery day when i meandered

through a field of ripening milkweed with my camera.

Even as I hastened to collect their images

the seeds were whirled away

under silky parachutes

to recommence their cycle of life.