In 1998 I began a series of tree portraits ... focusing on Sycamores that I associated with daily and Aspens that I visited only occasionally.  The habits and characteristics of both captured my eye and imagination.  I used painting and block printing techniques to simulate their bark and growth patterns.  I observed them in all seasons to record their color and life cycles.  The work culminated in a show at the Lawrence Arts Center in 2000 with their portraits hanging on the walls and russet Sycamore leaves gathered in the corners. 


O   Sycamore Indian Summer  60 x 76

O   Spring Begins with Winter  19 x 19

Early Spring Sycamore  41 x41

Solstice Sun  63 x 50

O   Autumn Aspens  30 x 25

O   Winter Aspens  42 x 70

O   Four Seasons  39 x 54

O   Summer/Winter  41 x 51

O   Through the Trees / Spring Aspens  66 x 41

O   Summer Aspens  35 x 35

O   Through the Trees / Solstice Moon  68 x 39

Through the Trees / Squaw Creek  49 x 43

O   Through the Trees / Under the Storm  66 x 42

As a child riding in the back seat of the family car, I discovered that I could see through even dense stands of trees as we sped along the road by focusing on a distance beyond them.  I became part of an optical projector, a “magic lantern” in which still pictures appear to move [only it was me moving instead of the still pictures].  It opened a new world of esoteric landscapes for me.  The “Through the Trees” portraits represent this phenomenon: scenes painted, then sliced and sewn together with tree strips, but still viewed.

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