Within the great stack of historical quilt blocks there are many pinwheel patterns constructed with squares, triangles, parallelograms, diamonds, etc.  In this series I have used images from nature in rotational designs to create the illusion of spinning pinwheels in segments of four, six, and eight repetitions.  The machine quilted blocks were then mounted on boards painted to suggest a brisk breeze.


Winter Brome   16 x 16

Amber Grass   16 x 16

Autumn Oak   16 x 16

Woodland Mushrooms  16 x 16

Spring Begins with Winter   16 x 16

Backdoor Neighbors  16 x 16

Autumn Treasure Hunt  16 x 16

New Growth on Cedar  16 x 16

Milkweed Flight  16 x 16

Milkweed Pods  16 x 16

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Morning Dew  16 x 16