I live at the eastern edge of the Kansas Flint Hills, one of the remaining remnants of earth’s tall grass prairies.  I focus on my place in it and with my camera on its details.  Nature’s images are transitory, often evanescent.  I try to perceive some sense of their essence and preserve it in paint and print and text.   


Wind in the Bluestem   70 x 40

Color in the Bluestem   70 x 40

Autumn Bluestem   42 x 42

Winter Range 2   40 x 40

Winter Blanket   80 x 40

Autumn Grama 1   76 x 42

Tall Grass   42 x 115

Journal entry: 8 September

The grasses write the manifest lines

of preamble to autumn.

Their summer reservoir of chlorophyll

drains away from blade and stalk

to draft a polychromatic radiance

across the parchment of the pasture.

Journal entry: 7 January

Last night’s blizzard spread a thick blanket

over the  cropped winter grasses of the pasture

and the snow in the roadside ditches

which bind its edges has been sculpted

by the fingers of the wind

into a white velvet ribbon.

O August Green study   32 x 32

Tall Grass 6 Panel Screen

approximately  12’ x 7’

O   Big Bluestem   32 x 23

O   Autumn Grama 2   32 x 23

O   Autumn Grama 3   76 x 42

O   Spring Burn   32 x 23

O   Winter Range 1   32 x 23

Prairie Wild Flowers   32 x 23

                  O   Little Bluestem   48 x 32

                  O   Little Bluestem 2   48 x 32

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2016 © Chris Wolf Edmonds . All rights reserved

Tall Grass Color   40 x 34

Spring Dew   40 x 34

Little Bluestem Gold   40 x 34

August Green   40 x 34

O Winter Frost   40 x 34