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17 July

The roof of the horse barn is flecked

with fledgling barn swallows.

They teeter along the peak

and congregate on the gentle slope

until  some elusive cue ruffles them

into tentative fluttering flight

like dry leaves blowing down from the eaves.

   July   32.5 x 32.5

15 August

By mid August the level of the pond has

dropped and the big lazy catfish come

looking for a handout.  I scatter catfish food

on the water where it floats until the

whiskered mouths break the surface to begin

their greedy gobble.  By late summer there is

no delay between the scattering and the

gobbling.  They seem to expect me and even

see my approach to the edge of their world.

They swim into the shallows after the food

pellets, exposing their gunmetal grey backs,

then flip their strong tails to muddy the water

as they slip back into the depths.

8 September

The grasses write the manifest lines

of preamble to autumn.

Their summer reservoir of chlorophyll

drains away from tip and edge

to draft a coral glow

across the parchment of the pasture.

   O   December   32.5 x 32.5

   O   November   32.5 x 32.5

  O   October   32.5 x 32.5

   O   September   32.5 x 32.5

   O   August   32.5 x 32.5

19 October

... a single Question Mark butterfly

at the edge of the woods

basking in the autumn sunlight

among the pine needles

... wings edged with lavender blue

opening and closing in a regular rhythm.

Like other anglewings

it is wary and darts away

when I grow impatient for answers

and move too near.

Sometimes I forget

just to enjoy the questions.

20 November

The wood lots have not yet entirely disrobed

but the trees are down to their last

brightly colored petticoats

... tattered remnants of summer finery.

And in the garden among the fallen leaves

are reminiscences of spring’s adornments:

My grandmother’s old fashioned yellow iris

reblooming among the chrysanthemums

and a few fall forsythia blossoms

clinging with amber edged russet leaves

to the lowest branches of the bush.

25 December

... a foggy morning

highlighted by a thorny hoar frost

that forged barbs on the smooth fence wire

and converted a thicket of coralberry

buckbrush into a briar patch

... an afternoon filled with family and feasting

... and an evening drive through the fog

to look at Christmas lights glowing

in the moisture-filled air.

Turning the corner toward home

we slowed to watch six deer step lightly

through the flare of our headlights:

a serendipitous gift ...

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