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7 January

Ice flowers are blooming

along the selvages of the pond.

A warm spell has cut away

most of the frozen surface

leaving only small circlets around the winter stalks

of last season’s aquatic weeds.

Sun lances pierce the grey flannel sky

striking sparks off the water and the ice

and kindling a glitter of light in the falling snow.

The air shivers with rumbling thunder

a more familiar escort to spring or summer rains.

The day abounds with exotic drama:

ice blossoms, diamond showers

and thundersnow.

O    January   32.5 x 32.5

O    February   32.5 x 32.5

13 February

Sometime around the middle of February

it begins to feel like

winter will go on indefinitely.

Then in the midst of a cold grey day

I notice that the locust thorns

are engorged with a dark blood red

and the branches of the maple

where the songbirds perch

to wait their turn at the feeder

are swollen with vermilion buds.

There will always be evidence

if you know where to look

that the earth will honor its covenant with life.

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Nature photos from each of the 12 months of a year served as color studies for hand painted cotton print cloth yardage which was cut into varied width bars and pieced into 12 rows.  Journal entries relating to the photographs were printed around the borders.  

O    March   32.5 x 32.5

  O   April   32.5 x 32.5

O    May   32.5 x 32.5

  June   32.5 x 32.5

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7 March

A fine, wind-borne snow has lined

the branches of pine and spruce

exposing their skeletons like an x-ray

and brandishing the sharp needles

that lace each twig with a blue-green grille.

16 April

I discovered a well concealed robin’s nest on

a whorl of Blue spruce when a protective

mother swooped out of the tree and flapped

across the lawn in an attempt to divert my

attention.  Nestled in a mud-cemented cup of

coarse grasses were three blue eggs.  In

nature there are often colors so surprisingly

saturated that when I try to reproduce them

with paint, they seem gaudy and unreal.

The proverbial “Robin’s egg blue” is one.

... a quintessential color so unique

that the extraordinary blue hue

is analogous with the eggs.

8 May

The floor of the earth is strewn again

with daisies and wild roses

the white fluff of cottonwoods

and the shards of tiny egg shells.

The litter of spring is all recyclable.

10 June

Thunderclouds compose

the colors of a summer storm

and the pines sketch portraits of the wind.