Color Play

In the late 1980s I devised a geometric design structure involving narrow strips of color cut and sewn together then cut again at angles and resewn allowing the play of color across the surface.  The first piece constructed using this method in 1988 was Left Handed Compliments, so titled because the choice of color involved pairing each color strip with another that was one step to the left of its compliment on the color wheel.  For example: instead of combining red with its direct opposite green, I chose to combine it with yellow-green which is one step to the left.  Over time I have employed the same structure in other works: in the 1990s for the Color Studies series; in 2002 as grass seed heads for early pieces in the Grasslands series; in the Trails series in 2003;  and as a framework in 2014 for adding digital color to the works seen in this gallery. 


Winter Sunrise: Bird Tracks in the Snow   70 x 42

O Winter Frost   16 x 16

Bloom in the Brome   16 x 16

Summer Green   16 x 16

Autumn Gold   16 x 16

Spring Burn 1   16 x 16

Spring Burn 2   16 x 16

Spring Burn 3   16 x 16

Spring Burn 4   16 x 16

O   Left Handed Compliments  50 x 50

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Little Bluestem 3   24 x 24

 O   Chinkapin oak   24 x 24

O   Sumac 2   24 x 24